Will Malkus...

...is a photographer, writer, and librarian from Baltimore, MD. He's been taking photos at shows for as long as he's been going to them, but started creating a portfolio under the name Charmcore Photography in 2017.

I try to approach photography with a very punk rock mindset—it's more important to me that you feel the rush of being in the crowd or the release of screaming the words of your favorite song back to the band than it is for you to think that any of my pictures are objectively good (but if you do that's cool too). 

I shoot with a FujiFilm X-T1 and a Pixel 2 (I'm probably the guy holding his phone up in front you and I apologize for that), and I will almost certainly photograph you/your band if you ask.

Inquiries at charmcorephoto@gmail.com (hit the envelope ↑)